Bed 121 Shelving bunk


A practical and fun bunk for all ages.



A practical and fun wooden bunk bed, with shelving and a sturdy glow-in-the-dark ladder.

Uniquely, the bed frame features a shelving unit for each bunk so both top and bottom can have a place to store their bedroom essentials, toys, and teddies. Safety is one of the main priorities for this bunk bed, too. Each step on the left-sided ladder features luminous green strip that lights up in the dark and metal handles rest at the top of the ladder, making it perfect for those children that may need a little assistance climbing up and down during the night.

It is available in either all white or a combination of White and Maple.


Headboard Height: 155cm

Footboard Height: 155cm

Length: 203cm

Width: 100cm

Note: Mattress not included.