Luxury Bamboo Quilted Pillow




The most luxurious pillow you will find! This quilted bamboo pillow is made from a 300 thread Percale (60% bamboo and 40% cotton) which is 4 times more breathable than 100% cotton and silkier to the touch.

This Bamboo pillow is ideal for those suffering from eczema, hyper-sensitive skin or allergies caused by dust mites. Because bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, it resists dust mites as well as mould and mildew. Due to the absorbency properties in bamboo, the pillow wicks moisture (sweat and odour) away from our bodies leaving you to have a peaceful nights sleep

The bamboo plant is also grown without any chemicals or pesticides making it naturally organic.The 300 Thread Percale bamboo and cotton casing makes a super soft material which will help aid a restful nights sleep.Each pack contains one pillow which is suitable for machine washing.

This pillow has a soft feel, if you prefer a firmer pillow then please look at the Box Bamboo pillow.