Premium Sprung Divan Base only


Our premium Sprung divan base is a great base to not only add comfort to your mattress but can help extends its lifespan!!



The Premium Sprung Divan Base is for those that want that little bit more of a luxurious feel to their bed.

Sprung bases are simply divan bases which springs added to their construction. The springs are situated in the top surface of the base and help provide comfort and support. Springs in a base can make your bed feel even more luxurious and soft. Along with this, sprung bases can help increase the lifespan of your mattress by acting like a shock absorber, taking some of the workload off the mattress.

Sprung bases do tend to make the mattress have a softer feel. This is why most firm beds tend not to use a sprung base and opt for a platform top (no springs) instead.

Here at Bedrock, we like to make things as straightforward as possible. Simply choose your divan base and then the mattress of your choice, or you can buy the base on its own!

Under-bed storage is certainly worth taking advantage of with a divan bed and there are several options available.

Premium Sprung Divan Base prices without drawers:

Single Divan £270

Standard and small double divan £465

King size £495

Super kingsize £570

The above prices are the divan prices without and storage. If you would like storage simply add the price next to your required storage option (listed below) to the above price for your complete base price.

Premium Sprung Divan Base storage options:

  • Pair of Drawers + £95
  • 2+2 continental drawer + £215
  • No drawers

Headboards sold separately.

For more information about the different options available why not have a read of the following report from the National Bed federation.  5 bed bases explained

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Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, Super King size


No Drawers, 2 Drawers, 4 Drawers, 2+2 Continental