Textured Black Bedroom range

A range that is versatile and stylish.


This Textured Black bedroom range will be the centerpieces of any bedroom, because of its collection of stylish products, created with modern living in mind. Being current and progressive this cross-grain door design is versatile, ready assembled and the modern wardrobes and chests come in a choice of 3 colours with inset chrome handles and asymmetric detailing to the doors.

Quality British made furniture supplied fully assembled (semi knockdown for the larger robes) with sturdy drawers and metal runners, this range is beautifully finished.

Textured Black Bedroom range:

1 Drawer Pod Chest with light H:517 | W:404 D:424mm

2 Drawer Bedside Chest H:517 | W:404 D:424mm

3 Drawer Bedside Chest H:712 | W:404 D:424mm

2 Drawer Pod Chest with light H:712 | W:404 D:424mm

3 Drawer Wide Chest H:712 | W:604 D:424mm

3 Drawer Large Chest H:712 | W:804 D:424mm

4 Drawer Chest H:907 | W:804 D:424mm

5 Drawer Narrow Chest H:1102 | W:404 D:424mm

5 Drawer Large Chest H:1102 | W:804 D:424mm

6 Drawer Chest H:712 | W:1204 D:424mm

2 Door Robe H:1929 | W:804 D:525mm

2 Door Gents Robe H:1929 | W:804 D:525mm

3 Door Robe H:1929 | W:1204 D:525mm

3 Door Gents Robe H:1929 | W:1204 D:525mm

4 Door Robe H:1929 | W:1604 D:525mm

4 Door Gents Robe H:1929 | W:1604 D:525mm

Single Ped Dressing Table H:712 | W:996 D:424mm